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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Restaurant Checklist

Oh, and it’s also advisable to avoid existing, well-known and trademarked names. Even if your family name is McDonald, you really shouldn’t be calling your restaurant that unless you want to give the impression that you’re trying to imitate your competitors. The Candlelight Club is a pop-up, prohibition-era speakeasy hosted in different secret London locations and lit entirely by candles. As well as cocktails and fine dining, you’ll be treated to cabaret and jazz – and of course, everyone dresses up like it’s the 1920s. Tha au-naturale pop-up restaurant (currently closed/fundraising) also serves raw food, and asks diners to hand in their smartphones before derobing.

Order thermometers and establish temperature charts for all refrigerators, freezers, and in-production food items. Determine food production needs, including deciding what you can do in batches, what can be prepared the night before, and what needs to be prepared fresh upon order. Review staffing needs, charting out the entire day and week to determine the volume of staff necessary for each shift.

So now that you have an understanding of cost, you should be prepared for a banker or investor to inquire how much of your own money you’re willing and able to invest into your business. In many cases, the SBA, private lenders, or conventional loans through a bank will require that you supply somewhere between 15% and 25% of the total amount necessary. As an example, if you project a cost of $400,000 to open your new restaurant, you will need between $80,000 and $120,000 in cash.

Starting a restaurant with the above-mentioned points in mind will help you structure your ideas better and ensure you do not miss out on any point. Make use of feedback forms, face to face meetings and so on. You might have to make your staff work long hours particularly during a period that you are starting out. It is important in this phase that you understand their needs and keep them happy and motivated. To attract eyeballs quickly you need to run ads on Google and Social. On Google, you need to run Search Ads and Remarketing ADs (Ads that show up on Google’s display network once the visitor has visited your website).

You can avail the opportunity to visit their equipment suppliers, attend workshops and training programs and establish good relations with reliable equipment suppliers as well as wholesale food suppliers. Once you have assessed where you stand, it’s easier to understand where you should be investing your energy to start your own restaurant business. “Don’t take anyone’s word for anything—always make sure you get things in writing,” said Mike Metzger, co-owner of Stockyard Sandwich Co. in Philadelphia. “No matter what anyone says, do your own research and get approvals in writing.” City offices can often be hectic, understaffed, and different departments may not be in communication with one another.

It is completely normal for there to still be kinks to work out or mistakes that happen on the fly. Very rarely does a restaurant work out all of their problem areas during a soft-opening. In this business, it’s incredibly rare for a shift to go off without a hitch. When searching for restaurant capital, look to lenders like commercial banks, credit unions, and even your point of sale and payment processing partners. If you’re approved for a business line of credit, you’ll get a maximum credit amount but will only have to pay what you use.